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JL Evrard
2017-08-12 20:57

I have just setup an Opus#11 with my Apple Macbook Pro and got a problem after firmware update from 1.01 to 1.08:

With the last firmware and 32bits/384 kHz setup, I have music dropouts that were not present with the original 1.01 firmware…

All things are good until 32bits/352,8 kHz. Since I apply 384 kHz, I have sound dropouts :-(

Is it possible to revert firmware 1.01 (original of the device) and where to find it?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards.

PS1: I have found firmware 1.04 that solve the problem… But therefore, firmware 1.08 is buggy :-/

PS2: Digging the net intensively I have found what seems to be latest firmwares (e.g. 2.00 (-55 db) & 2.01 (0 db)) that work for me pretty well at all frequencies. They are there: Good flashing!