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Opus#1 Charging & music management problem

2017-12-13 17:06
Hello :)

I just bought the opus#1, and when i want to charge him power off, it work but it always gave me wrong information about the % of charge.

For exemple when i connect it with the usb power of , at 100% of charge, it shows 50% of charge, when i disconnect him et connect again, it shows 40%, etc...

Also, is there a way to know at what % of charge the Opus is when connected and power off ? The screen turn off after 5sec, and it doesn't shows it again.


And second problem :

I can't "move" file/folder once they're in the opus.

For exemple, i can't move the 3 pieces of Jazzotheque in a folder. It tell me that the Opus is "occupied".




And a third problem : The device doesn't appear in the "safe removal" icon, so i can't disconnect it safely :/


I hope you can help me with that :)


(and i hope you understand me, my english isn't really good^^)