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How to Downgrade Firmware OPUS #2

2017-07-24 17:01
Dear Sir/Madam,


I just bought your OPUS #2 with firmware ver.1.00.03 inside the unit and I do really like the sound very much, it's so details and airy sounding... simply the best...

1 week later, I saw in your website for the new firmware... then I upgraded OPUS #2 with your latest firmware ver.1.02.02 and the sounds changed a lot... less details, less depth, less airy, etc... which really becomes the worst sound... even the sound quality is only on-par (same level) as my FiiO X5 3rd Gen...

Is there any ways to revert back (downgrade) the firmware back to ver.1.00.03 ?

Please kindly help me... really disappointed...

Thank you.

Best Regards,